The Rhoda - Medium


Beckoning holidays of yesteryear, the Rhoda ignites nostalgia with her golden glow of bronzed cedar branches, snowy white umbrella ferns and oh-so-natural baby's breath stems. Showing off her best angle from the front, this gilded heritage piece will be right at home with all of your festive decor.

Ingredients: Linium, Pampas, Gypsophila, Cedar, Fern, Umbrella Fern

Vase: Gold Steel with Matte Finish

Full Arrangement: 14" H x 14" W
Vase: 5.5" H x 2.75" W

Each arrangement is handmade to order and ingredients/colors may vary slightly. Please also note, some shedding will occur.

How to care for your East Olivia preserved bouquet

Keep out of direct light

Be gentle with bouquet, dried flowers are delicate

Do not place stems in or near water or around excessive humidity, the dried and preserved stems will deteriorate

Some shedding will occur

Please note, order processing may take up to 5 business days. Once your order is shipped, you will get a notification via email with tracking. Thank you for your understanding.


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