Caring for Dried & Preserved Flowers

Caring for Dried & Preserved Flowers

Spring Yellow Dried Flower Arrangement - East Olivia

As a modern alternative to fresh flowers, it’s easy to see why dried and preserved flower arrangements are a favorite among top decorators and space makers. Beyond looking pristine regardless of the weather outside, preserved flowers allow you to skip the scissors, the watery mess, and save time when sprucing up your decor.

When handled with care, Forever Florals can last a year or more in a dry environment.

“How do I care for my dried flowers?”

Below are East Olivia tips for getting the most out of your dried and preserved floral bouquet:

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can deteriorate or drain color from blooms and stems, shortening their lifespan and fading them prematurely.

  2. Be gentle with your bouquet. Dried flowers are delicate and often shed when handled too much. Note: some minor shedding is normal when you first receive your flower arrangement, however it should not persist.

  3. Do not water.  Do not place bouquets in or near water or in excessively humid environments.. Moisture can deteriorate preserved flowers and shorten their life.

Follow these tips to extend the life of your resilient dried flower bouquets and keep them looking great all year.

Visit our Forever Floral shop and discover elegant, long-lasting, and design-forward floral arrangements to set the tone in your space this season. And may you always seek to create beauty in your world.