Are those real?!

Yes, they are … but they have gone through a unique preservation process, which extracts moisture from flowers, maintains them in the dehydrated state, and seals the flowers to protect their natural shape. East Olivia has been at the forefront of designing with dried and preserved flowers for over six years.

How long will my arrangement last?

It can last a year or more if handled with care and kept in a dry environment. Here are some tips:
1. Keep out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can deteriorate or drain the color from blooms.
2. Be gentle with the bouquet. Dried flowers are delicate and often shed when handled.
3. Do not place the bouquet in or near water or around excessive humidity, which can deteriorate preserved stems.

My arrangement is shedding. Is that normal?

Yes, shedding is completely normal, but if you feel the arrangement has experienced excessive shedding during transit, please send a picture upon arrival to orders@eastolivia.com


Can I include a gift note?

Wanna send a lil love? You can select any card from our shop, and we'll handwrite your note on the card. We can also write your note on stationery for free if you don't select a card. Please write your note on the product page near the "Add to Cart" button.

Can you ship for a specific date for a birthday or other event?

Need your arrangement to arrive by a specific date? We offer expedited shipping for an additional charge. Typically, we do not offer delayed shipping or arrival date selection, but we do offer it for some holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.


What is Route and Green Package Protection?

Route's Green Package Protection is a package protection solution that helps cover your order in the event that your order gets lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit while also protecting the planet. We know how frustrating it is to have something happen to your order, so we’ve partnered with Route to offer added assurance that you’re supported, no matter what. Green Package Protection can be added during checkout.

Every time you add Green Package Protection to your order, Route donates to support an agroforestry initiative that removes CO₂ from the air and promotes a flourishing ecosystem. 

You can also utilize the Route App to visually track all of your online orders in one place and easily file a claim with their team. Whether you’re tracking via the Route App or online Route’s real-time shipping updates keep you in the loop throughout every part of your delivery. Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Download here

Purchased Route's Green Package Protection and looking to file a shipping issue online? File here

What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

Route is covering the cost to neutralize shipping emissions when you add "Green Package Protection" at checkout. "Green Package Protection" Shipping includes package protection at the same cost as before, with the additional benefit that your shipment is carbon neutral. By adding Green Package Protection to your cart, you're automatically taking instant climate action – no donation required.

How does Green Package Protection/Carbon Neutral Shipping work?

Route has partnered with Patch, a carbon credit marketplace, to facilitate the purchase of carbon credits to neutralize your emissions. Carbon credits represent a certified unit of carbon removal or avoidance delivered by environmental projects that can be purchased to naturally remove carbon from the air. Patch is a high-integrity carbon removal project that is vetted and certified by organizations like Gold Standard, Verra, Climate Action Reserve, and The American Carbon Registry.

Where is My Order?

Once your order has been fulfilled by our team, a shipping confirmation with a tracking number will be emailed. You can download  Route’s mobile app for iOS or Android to visually track your package and receive real-time notifications on its estimated delivery.

How Does Route Work?

If your Route-protected order ends up lost, damaged, or stolen, Route’s expert support team helps ensure that your order gets replaced or refunded as preferred. Claims will be reviewed for approval within 1-2 business days from filing.  

Need to file a claim?  File here

How Does Route Process Refunds or Reorders?

Refunds: When refunding an item, Route covers the subtotal, shipping, and taxes 

In both cases, the Route Premium cost will not be refunded 

Reorders: Route will reorder the items, depending on in-stock availability. Unavailable items will be refunded. Route will cover the cost of any reorders including shipping, taxes, and Route Shipping Protection

When Should I File a Claim?

Marked As Delivered (Stolen)

Claims will be reviewed no earlier than 5 calendar days and no later than 15 calendar days from when it was marked delivered Please note, some order issues may require a police report to be filed.

Stuck In Transit (Lost)

For domestic orders, claims will be reviewed no earlier than 2 calendar days and no later than 30 calendar days from the last update. The maximum filing time is 60 days from the order date.

For international orders, claims will be reviewed no earlier than 20 calendar days and no later than 30 calendar days from the last update. The maximum filing time is 60 days from the order date.


Claims for damaged items require photos of the packaging and item(s) and must be filed no later than 15 calendar days from when it was marked delivered.

All of Route’s policies are listed here

What if My Order Never Arrives or is Stolen?

Route definitely helps cover these instances! To protect your order against loss or theft, add Green Package Protection at checkout. 

If your order has not arrived, please file a claim with Route here. 

What if My Order Arrives Damaged?

Route covers damage as well! To protect your order against damage that occurred during shipping, add Route Protect at checkout. 

If your order has arrived to you damaged, please take photos of the item and the packaging it arrived in to include in your claim when filing. 

You can file a claim with Route here.

If your order has defects or you suspect it was damaged during manufacturing, please reach out to us at orders@eastolivia.com and we will be happy to work with you to remedy the situation.

How Do I File a Claim for my Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Order?

If you insured your order with Route at checkout, you will receive a confirmation email from Route with a link to file a shipping issue. 

You can also file a shipping issue on Route’s app or via the web here. To file a claim, you will need your store order number OR Route ID number and the email address that was attached to the order.

Haven’t downloaded the app yet?  Download here

What are Route’s Terms and Conditions?

Route’s terms and conditions are listed here: https://route.com/terms-and-conditions/

Is Route a Licensed Insurance Company?

Yes, Route is a licensed insurance company with SEG Insurance Ltd. as its partner.


My vase is stuck in the box. Help!

Grab a pair of sharp scissors and snip that zip tie. Just be careful not to scratch the vase.

Should I remove the twine around my bouquet?

The twine, or bind wire, is meant to keep the design in place. We recommend leaving it on.

However, taking the twine off can help the arrangement look more open in the vase if it feels too tight. Please note that the design will shift slightly when the twine is cut.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Order processing typically takes one to two business days, but may take up to five business days. Once your order is shipped, you will get a notification via email with UPS tracking.

What is your return policy?

Please view your policy here: https://shopeastolivia.com/policies/refund-policy

Do you ship internationally?

We're sorry but international shipping is not available at this time. 

Can you ship to a PO Box?

We love a street address and cannot ship to P.O. boxes at this time. Join our Best Buds Club for updates or changes!

I haven’t received my order, delivery confirmation, or tracking emails. Help!

For any information surrounding your order or general questions, please contact us at orders@eastolivia.com. We're happy to assist!

Can I cancel my order?

Changed your mind? We are happy to cancel any order that hasn't been shipped yet.


How do I unpack and condition my flowers?

- When your box arrives, immediately unpack your flowers by removing all packaging, paper/plastic sleeves, and rubber bands.
- Fill your clean buckets or vases 2⁄3 of the way full with cool water.
- Add flower food if preferred. This can help keep your water clean and provide nutrients to your blooms.
- Follow the instructions on the packet for measurements.
- Remove at least 2⁄3 of the leaves/foliage off all stems. (Make sure there is no foliage sitting in the water as it can prematurely diminish your blooms!)
- With a pair of clean sharp shears, trim roughly 1 inch off the ends of each stem and place immediately in water.
- Keep your blooms in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and air vents.
- Let flowers drink up for a minimum of 3-4 hours. If possible, let them drink overnight before arranging with them.

What tools do I need for my flower therapy boxes?

- Need to have
- Gloves
- Clean Bucket
- Shears
- Clean Vessels
- Nice to have
- Poly Rose-Stripper
- Chicken Wire or Pin Frog
- Flower Food
- Quick Dip

How do flower therapy boxes work?

- East Olivia handpicks high-quality flowers from growers in the Andean Mountains.
- Freshly harvested flowers are shipped directly to your home.
- You lightly condition the flowers and create unique arrangements.
- Brighten your home with your creations!

Why do some of the flowers in my box look sad?

Most flowers will perk up once you give them a fresh cut and get them in cool water. Please read through our care and conditioning PDF for further instructions. If there are quality issues with flowers upon arrival, please take a picture and submit it to orders@eastolivia.com for further evaluation.

Didn't answer your question?

Shoot us an email at orders@eastolivia.com and we’ll be happy to assist you. We want to hear any and all questions and feedback.