Dried Flower Benefits

Dried Flower Benefits: Why You Need These Dry Floral Arrangements in Your Space!

There are many reasons to add a preserved flower bouquet to your home or office space. They don’t just look good either–there are plenty of other reasons why women are ditching fresh floral bouquets in favor of preserved flower arrangements. 

Throughout this guide, we’ll describe all the benefits of dried flowers, and why they’re such a great addition to your home. 

All The Dried Flower Benefits You Need to Know

If you’re still comparing dried flowers vs fresh flowers to see which is the best choice for your home, continue reading as we lay out the top dried flowers benefits that you should keep in mind. 


When you’re thinking of adding preserved floral arrangements to your home might first question might be–how long do dried flowers last

In fact, the answer to this question is one of the many benefits of dried flowers. When you take care of them properly and buy quality dried flower arrangements, they can last you for months or even years. 

This compares to fresh bouquets, which can likely only last you up to a week before they begin drooping and losing their flair. Dried flowers give you the opposite experience, looking just as good a year later as they did the day you brought them home. 

Low Maintenance

One of the best dried flowers benefits, especially when compared to fresh flowers, is that they are super easy to take care of. As we mentioned above, dried flowers already last you much longer than fresh flowers, and they require little maintenance over this period as well. 

Unlike fresh flowers, you don’t have to constantly refresh the water in the vase, buy the right flower food to keep them nourished, and properly trim the stems and leaves in order to get the maximum use out of them. 

Simply place the preserved flower arrangement in an area with low humidity and little direct sunlight, and it’ll continue to impress for years with little additional care.


Since one dried floral bouquet can last you much longer than one made from fresh blooms, they’re the more economical choice. 

When you invest in one quality preserved flower arrangement, you’re getting a piece that will last you for years! On the other hand, a bouquet of fresh flowers can last you up to two weeks if you’re lucky. 

So, it’s pretty easy to see how the costs quickly add up to have year-round fresh flowers in your home compared to dried ones. 

On-Trend Styles

Among the other dried flowers benefits, another great reason to incorporate these into your home’s design is that they can help you stay on trend. 

Especially when you’re investing in quality preserved flowers, you will receive arrangements in trendy styles and designs that will help elevate your space and make you look design-forward. Plus, flower bouquets themselves are classic symbols of beauty and elegance, making them a great addition to nearly any room in your home. 

Super Versatile

Another great thing about dried flowers is how versatile they are. Given the fact that they don’t need to be placed in an upright vase filled with water in order to maintain their appearance, there are tons of great dried flower decor ideas that you can take advantage of in your own space. 

So whether you want to level up your home’s decor with dried flowers in a vintage vase or wrap them in a ribbon to lay upon on the mantle, you can do so without compromising their look. 

Seasonal Decor

When you choose dried flower arrangements in the right styles and designs, they can also keep your space aligned with the seasons more easily. Adorning your home in seasonal decor is already a fun way to enjoy the passing of the seasons and celebrate the major holidays, and seasonal dried flower arrangements can make it that much more exciting. 

At East Olivia, we have curated arrangements to perfectly emanate the feeling of each season. This includes our fall dried flower arrangements with warm and cozy elements, our spring dried flower arrangements in soft pastel shades that help you welcome the warmer weather, and our summer dried flower arrangements that are full of fun and vibrancy. 

Want to Experience the Dried Flower Benefits for Yourself?

There are many benefits of dried flowers, so if you haven’t already hopped on the trend of adding preserved floral arrangements to your home’s design, don’t waste any more time!

But, you can’t buy just any other dried flowers and expect the same benefits. At East Olivia, we have the best dried floral arrangements that you can find. 

Even though the faux flowers look is back in style, there’s nothing fake about East Olivia bouquets. Made with on-trend designs and preserved using only the best process to retain the integrity of the fresh blooms, our arrangements are built to be decor staples in your home for a long time. 

With a wide variety of different styles and designs, and available in a number of sizes, we make it easy for every woman to find the arrangement that speaks to her home and aesthetic. Of course, our arrangements are super low maintenance and easy to take care of, perfect for a woman on the go. 

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Dried Flowers

With all these dried flowers benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why they’re such a no-brainer addition to your home or office. Not only will they make the space look fantastic and level up the overall aesthetic of a room, but they are also much easier and more cost-effective to maintain than fresh flowers. 

When you’re looking for the best dried flowers, you have to check out our selection of arrangements at East Olivia. We have dried floral bouquets in many different colors, designs, and styles, so it’s easy to find the perfect match for your space. Plus, we offer both large dried flower arrangement and small dried flower arrangements so you can find the right fit for any room or shelf in your home. 

Shop East Olivia today to see how simple it can be to level up your interior style with a trendy and high quality dried flower arrangement that will last for years to come. 

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