Collection: Spring Dried Flower Arrangements

Breathing fresh, vibrant life into your space is easy with our spring dried flower arrangements. We’ve curated fashion-forward designs you’re sure to love. And with proper care, these bouquets will stand the test of time! Get yours today and see what your space has been missing.

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Breathe Fresh, Vibrant Life into Your Space With Our Spring Dried Flower Arrangements!

We have a passion for creating bold, on-trend designs that change your space for the better. And while East Olivia itself is a relatively new brand, we’re already proud to have found a place in homes and businesses around the globe. 

Our movement began in March 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic put our lives on pause. We saw an opportunity to reinvent ourselves - and took immediate action. Within a week, the first collection in our Forever Flowers lineup launched - and the rest is history.

We believe there’s a direct correlation between the decor and overall aesthetic in your space and the way it makes you feel. Dark, mundane, lifeless spaces suck the soul from your body - whereas colorful, vibrant spaces can energize, inspire, and uplift you. And if your space is in dire need of a new life, you can count on our dried spring flower bouquets! 

These designs are exactly what your home, office, or retail shop has been craving. You can transform the energy for the better through our works of art. Get yours today - or keep reading to learn more about what makes these arrangements so special.

Why You Need Our Dried Spring Flower Bouquet for Your Home or Business

There’s no denying the magic of having flowers in your space. But let’s face it - constantly cleaning up pedals and replacing the flowers in your vase is a hassle. All those purchases add up, too, when you consider the fact that most flowers start wilting by the time you’ve brought them home.

That’s why we have created a whole new way to enjoy floral decor without any of the negatives: our dried floral arrangements. These require minimal maintenance and still last years without fading or wilting - looking stunning month after month. This saves you a ton of money in the long run while unlocking a whole new category of decor you didn’t even know existed!

These dried spring flower bouquets are a great choice to liven things up as the temperatures start rising. Or, to help you reminisce on the lovely spring days you are desperately craving throughout winter. You can bring sunshine into any space with these dried spring flower bouquets! The only question is - which is right for your space? 

Discover What You’ve Been Missing - Get Your Spring Dried Flower Arrangements Now!

You’re just a few clicks away from elevating your space through our preserved flower bouquets. And while you came here for spring dried flower arrangements, you can also explore our summer dried flower arrangements or fall dried flower arrangements. Whether you’re looking for small dried flower arrangements or extra large dried flower arrangements, we’ve got the perfect pick here on this page. 

Discover what you’ve been missing in your space by getting yours shipped today! 

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