How Long do Dried Flowers Last?

How Long do Dried Flowers Last? (Plus, Ways to Make Them Last Longer)

There’s nothing better to dress up your space than a vase of flowers. With a perfectly-curated bouquet, you can really give off that ‘wow’ factor and nail the aesthetic of your home with the latest design trends and styles. 

If you haven’t heard, dried flowers are actually a better alternative to real floral bouquets. Not only do they last longer, but they’re super low maintenance and are a more budget-friendly option too. 

East Olivia has one of the longest-lasting dried flower arrangements online–lasting over a year or longer with no maintenance required on your end. But, there’s more to the story, so let’s first dive deeper into the different factors that can affect the lifespan of dried flowers. 

So how long do dried flowers last, and why does that make them such a great choice when it comes to your home or office decor? Continue reading below as we answer each of these questions and more so you can make your dried flower arrangements last longer. 

Do Dried Flowers Last Forever?

You may be wondering the ultimate question–do dried flowers last forever? After all, these preserved flower arrangements last much longer than your standard flower bouquet and continue to bring an exciting flair to your space for months and months. The answer is yes - they can last forever with proper care! 

However, it depends on the specific flowers themselves and how they were preserved - along with how well you take care of them.

Keep reading below as we give you clear steps to take that will make sure your preserved floral bouquets last as long as possible. 

Factors Affecting How Long Dried Flowers Last

There are many different factors that can impact how long do preserved flowers last, all of which we’ll touch on right here so you can fully enjoy the arrangement. When cared for properly, you can make sure your dried arrangements make a stunning statement in your home for quite a long time. 

What Type of Flowers are Used in the Arrangement?

You may not be shocked to learn that the types of flowers that are used in your dried arrangement can not only impact the aesthetics they bring to your home, but it also affects how long do dried flowers last. 

No two flowers are alike, which means that they each bring different textures, colors, and lifespans to the table, with some varieties lasting longer than others. 

Blooms like thistles, baby’s breath, and grass varieties tend to last the longest. But, they will still show some signs of shedding as time goes on. 

How are the Flowers Dried & Preserved?

You’ll also want to pay attention to how the florals in your bouquet are dried. The techniques used to preserve them could make them last for a shorter or longer period of time, depending on whether this was done properly or not. 

If not done carefully, the flowers could get too brittle and weak to last very long, defeating the whole purpose of why you wanted to decorate your home with dry floral bouquets in the first place. 

At East Olivia, we use a unique preservation process that keeps the blooms frozen in time. We carefully extract all moisture from each stem, allowing them to fully dry before going any further. We never rush this step, because we know it’s a crucial part of what makes our dried floral arrangements so stunning and long-lasting. 

Once the stems are dried completely, they have a natural sealant that will keep them perfectly preserved for months to come. 

What Conditions are the Flowers Kept in?

Another thing that impacts how long dried flowers last is how the arrangements are displayed and the conditions where they’re kept. 

Since they can last quite a while, this is something you’ll want to pay good attention to once you have the floral arrangements in your home. To start, you’ll want to keep them in a dry area that won’t get a lot of direct sunlight or humidity. This can drain the color from your arrangement, and even weaken the stems. 

It is possible for dried flowers to shed, but you should keep them in a place where they’ll be left alone and undisturbed. This way, they’ll stay intact and look fabulous for a long time. 

So, How Long Do Dried Flowers Last?

So do dried flowers last forever? Sometimes they can. However, flower arrangements that are dried & preserved correctly and cared for properly typically last a year or more! This compares to real flowers, which don’t last nearly that long–sometimes just a few days before you notice them drooping and wilting away. 

Dried floral arrangements give you all the amazing design features that fresh stems can bring, but they stand the test of time to bring you vibrant cheer throughout the seasons–definitely worth the investment. 

How do You Prolong the Life of Dried Flowers?

Now let’s go over all the things you can do to make your dried flowers last longer and give you inspiration from their beauty all year long. 

Take Good Care of Your Arrangement

When you first receive your East Olivia dried floral arrangement, carefully read through the care instructions found on the product page online. This will be the key to making sure the arrangement last as long as possible, and can give you some valuable care tips right from the beginning. 

One of the best things our arrangements are known for is that they are super low maintenance, though there are still some important things to keep in mind that will lengthen the life of the bouquet. 

Avoid Cheap Dried Flowers - Stick With the Best!

When you get your dried flowers from East Olivia, you know you’re always getting the best of the best. You and your space deserve only the most beautiful floral arrangements that will last you months and elicit sunshine in any room, which you won’t get by only buying the cheapest dried flower arrangements you can find. 

Our preserved flower arrangements inject warmth and beauty directly into your home, elevating your decor all year long. Featuring trendsetting styles that showcase the natural elegance of the florals, our bouquets are super easy to care for, and will last you up to a year or more!

With our innovative styles, we want to bring beauty into every woman’s home one bud at a time. And given our unique preservation process to make sure each stem and bloom gets perfectly frozen in time. So making an investment in an East Olivia piece is always worth it for the year’s worth of natural beauty and elegance you’ll get from it. 

Ready to Treat Yourself or a Loved One to the Longest Lasting Dried Flowers at East Olivia?

When you’re ready to level up your home’s design aesthetic and treat yourself to a fabulous centerpiece that will last you all year long, you need to check out our beautiful dried floral arrangements at East Olivia. No matter what design aesthetic you’re after, you’ll find the perfect fashion-forward arrangements to brighten up your home at East Olivia. 

Bring nature’s beauty indoors with our stunning fall dried flower arrangements. Nailing the balance between warmth, elegance, and sophistication, these handcrafted bouquets bring all the fall charm and calming natural tones. And with our spring dried flower arrangements, you can wash your home’s interiors in dreamy pastel tones. Plus, the summer dried flower arrangements we create are sure to bring the punch of color you need to transport yourself to the tropics right from your own living room. 

Whether you’re in search of small dried flower arrangements or large dried flower arrangements, it’s no secret that these East Olivia pieces are quickly becoming the go-to design style for adding color, warmth, and texture to any space–no matter what size, shape, or color you’re looking for. 

Plus, our new dried pampas grass gives you all the customization you could wish for, allowing you to style and choose the grass that best suit your style with a one-of-a-kind arrangement. 

How Long do Preserved Flowers Last? Wrapping Things Up

It’s clear that dried floral arrangements are the perfect way to elevate any space and embrace the natural beauty that flowers can infuse into our homes. And with a lifespan that significantly outshines that of real flowers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be adding East Olivia arrangements into your home’s design to enjoy all year. 

At East Olivia, we’ve made it our mission to bring ephemeral beauty to all through our innovative dried flower arrangements that always capture the most stunning trendsetting styles of our time. In doing so, we can find a deeper connection to ourselves and the natural world around us. 

So even though faux flowers were all the rage a few decades ago, there’s nothing fake about what we’re doing here at East Olivia with the resurgence of this trend.

Our arrangements are never made from silk or plastic–we always start with the highest quality real blooms to create dried bouquets that wow. Shop East Olivia today to find design-forward dried floral arrangements that last. Or, check out our article on the best dried flowers for some inspiration!

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