Gift Giving with Dried Flowers

Give the Gift of Dried Flowers: Astrology Edition

Picking the perfect gift for your loved one can take a lot of time and cause a bit of stress. We all wanna ‘wow’ with our presents and make sure our gift-giving experience speaks directly to the person we are celebrating. At East Olivia, we have taken the guesswork out of birthday gift shopping with our Star Sign Forever Floral Guide. Get that personalized touch you crave, for all the fantastic characters in your life, with our classic yet fashion-forward dried flower shop.

It’s home decor that Cancers truly adore (June 21 – July 22)

Best known for their dual nature of being both emotive and grounded all at once, Cancers value their chill time. Having just the right home decor is essential to setting the low-key vibe a Cancer craves. Offering up a little bit of everything, the Betty XL dried flower bouquet is bright and cheery, bold and dynamic and is the perfect gift for our homebody-esque crabs. Pick the Betty XL and you’ll help to brighten up their space, long after their birthday is over.

Forever Floral The Betty XL

Only a bright bouquet can make a Leo’s special day (July 23 – August 22)

Always the astrology darling, Leos are thrilling creatives who thrive on celebrating lavishly and doing everything in vogue. That’s why the ideal birthday Forever Flowers for Leos is the Brenda Medium. Radiating confidence and standing out from the crowd is all the Brenda Medium knows how to do! With the unique fluorescent color palette to the quality of the dried florals, you’ll be rolling out the red carpet and dazzling these infamously passionate lions.

Forever Floral The Brenda M

Virgos are never chilly when you gift them the Lili (August 23 – September 22) 

Wherever consistency is key and perfection is the standard, a Virgo is sure to be at the helm. These kind-hearted individuals deserve a gift that is as aspirational and flawless as they are, which makes the Lili the ideal birthday gift for any Virgo in your life. Understated yet optimistic, this dried floral arrangement will always be perfectly pretty in pink— just the way a Virgo would want it.

Forever Floral The Lili

Forever Florals will certainly ‘awe’ for any gracious Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Blessed with balance and harmony in all that they do, Libras are the new romantics of the zodiac craving beauty infinitely. To truly celebrate their special occasion, there can be no more obvious gift than a preserved flower arrangement that lasts forever! Impeccably balanced by pops of color and an array of textures all in one charming size, the Frankie Bud celebrates the true passion of any Virgo— luxury.

Forever Floral The Frankie Bud

For any Scorpio occasion, keep thoughtfulness in the equation (October 23 – November 21)

Deeply emotional and endlessly mysterious, Scorpios are often known for their wisdom and also their love of gifts. Speaking to their inner creative, shows these scorpions how much you care with the Rose. A quintessential Forever Floral favorite, these dusty hues and soft-pink plumes are not only fashion-forward flowers but also represent a main power color for all Scorpios. 

Forever Floral The Rose

Gift-giving is a breeze, when it’s a Sagittarius you aim to please (November 22 – December 21)

With exploration on the mind and spontaneity in their veins, Sagittarius babes were born to be free spirits and should be gifted only the most out of this world flowers. Plenty lighthearted and full of diverse hues, the Samantha Aries Medium is one dried flower arrangement that these archers are sure to love. Finally, a gift that will help them perk up their place and put a smile on their face.

Forever Floral The Samantha Aries

For a Capricorn win, bring the outdoor flowers in (December 22 – January 19)

An outdoorsy lover crossed with a tenacious organizer, Capricorns enjoy being in the wild and pushing for the next peak. To highlight their birthday with the kind of attention they adore, pick a gift that speaks to their nature, like the Botanical Small dried flower arrangement. These sea goats love to cultivate a comfy home that feels one with nature, which makes this trendy floral decor a superb present for any Capricorn celebration.

Forever Floral The Botanical

Our dried flower shop could make any Aquarius stop (January 20 – February 18)

As progressive thinkers and disseminators of information, Aquarians are water bearers with a strong POV. Choosing just the right gift means selecting something as unique and eccentric as they are, like the Frankie XL. Full of vibrant, lush and fashion-forward flowers, this dried floral bouquet will make any birthday extravaganza brighter.

Forever Floral The Frankie XL

Let imagination take the lead, for a Pisces gift-giving spree  (February 19 – March 20)

Always one to escape the mundane, a Pisces lets intuition decide their course. As the final sign of the zodiac, these fishy folk have the natural gift of the knowledge and spiritual understanding that make celebrating their birthday a cinch. Anything fantastical yet real, like the Brenda XL, will excite a Pisces. Offering a little bit of everything, this dried flower arrangement is simply dazzling for any occasion

Forever Floral The Brenda XL

A twin in beauty and in name, is the way to win the Aries gifting game (March 21 – April 19)

Competitive by nature, this feisty zodiac loves anything bold and ambitious, just like the Samantha Aries Small. Punchy pastels meet textural interests in this preserved flower arrangement. Endurance is key to these determined folks, which makes this Forever Floral bouquet (that lasts a year or more) a consummate choice for any ram.

Forever Floral The Samantha Aries

Taurus shoppers look no more, they are all about home decor (April 20 – May 20)   

Giving to the world can be exhausting work for this star sign, which is why they need time to recharge in their own space. Help to brighten up their world and make their house a home with the Betty Bud dried flower decor. Emphasizing the bounty of spring, this preserved bouquet offers a little peek at the full garden that makes up our Forever Florals ShopGift your favorite bull a piece of art that is sure to make them feel right at home.

Forever Floral The Betty Bud

There’s no other way, than flowers for a Gemini’s birthday (May 21 – June 20)

Duality is innate within our Gemini signs, they are both curious about the world and wanting some distance from it. Friendly and chatty, these twins love to share information while still maintaining supreme spontaneity. The Betty Bud and Sam Aries Small is the visual representation of the dynamic personality of the Gemini, which makes offering them a gift of fashion-forward flowers a stellar way to slay their birthday.

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