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Fall Trend Alert: Falling for dried floral home decor

It’s easy to send the sizzling summer sun away when you have fall decor you love to display. Transitioning your tabletops with modern home decorating touches can be easy, with fashion-forward  flowers designed to charm and beautify. Welcome the new season with dried flower arrangements that will have your fall home decor looking snazzy in no time.

Fresh Festive Preserved Floral Palettes


Dried Flowers in Bedroom

Just because pumpkin spice season is back doesn't mean orange everything is in. Home decor trends come and go but the best autumnal hues are timeless. Start your fall home decor refresh with dried flowers in rusty rose, golden days yellow, and dreamy creams and you’ll give harvest season vibes— no gourds necessary.

 Pro Tip: Take your fabulous fall decor outside of the dining room and set a chic continuity to your space by using similar dried flower bouquets in multiple spaces. It’s time for fall foliage!

Let the Fall Dinning Decor Take Shape with Dried Flowers and Grasses


Refreshing your table decoration ideas on a budget is not always easy to do, especially in the age of elaborate tablescapes. But grander doesn't have to mean bigger, especially when you have high-quality dried flower arrangements at your fingertips. Pick up a Forever Floral bouquet from East Olivia and you’ll have a wow-worthy fall home decor arrangement that will last season after season. 

Pro Tip: If you want fall home decor that stands out, try placing multiple dried floral arrangements down the center of your dining table, surround them with some festive or found pieces and some locally foraged shrubbery and you will have a tablescape worthy of any gathering.

Forever Florals for the Modern Rustic

The modern home decorating trends are clear—mother nature does it best. Using dried floral arrangements, you can bring the beauty of nature inside fulfilling your fall home decor dreams. And if originality is your thing, look no further than Forever Florals that last a year or more when properly cared for or stored. Just like a fingerprint, every leaf, petal, and stem is unique, making your fall home decor truly one-of-a-kind. 

Pro Tip: This season’s trend is all about those subtle autumnal accents that start at the front door and continue onto your dining table. Forever Florals Samantha Libra comes in four different sizes, perfect for layering dried flower decor throughout a living space.

Fall Dinning Table Dried Flowers

Textural Charm with Dried Flowers that Last

If you suffer from color commitment, go big on texture with dried flower arrangements that let their dimension speak for them. When playing with scale, you can keep it simple with fashion-forward flowers like pampas grass or an array of local grasses. Not only will these beauties make a bold statement with their size, but they also offer a sustainable way to seasonally decorate. The pampas grass can last multiple years if cared for and stored properly.

Pro Tip: One of my all-time favorite dried flower ingredients to forage in the wild is pampas grass. Growing wild all over the U.S., in different shades of golden brown, it is a timeless and texture-rich flower. 

This autumn, embrace all things fall with dried floral arrangements and home decor ideas that celebrate the season. Whether you sprinkle in some earthy tones or do a complete dining table decor refresh, find some new fall favorites in the Forever Floral Shop and enjoy your space for the entire season!


Dinning table with Candles and Dried Flowers

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