Dried Flower Arrangements

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You’ve probably seen them on your Instagram feed or in a friend’s home: dried flowers. The beautiful blooms have been popping up in wedding centerpieces, home decor and even bouquets at the grocery store, replacing their fresh counterparts with the same beauty and an added touch of warmth.

But what are dried flowers exactly? How do they last so long? And where should you put them in your home? Read on to learn more about this trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

What are dried flowers and how are they made?

Dried flowers, also known at East Olivia as Forever Florals, are natural blooms that have been preserved using a variety of methods. The buds and petals of the flower retain their color and form for months or even years after being dried. Oftentimes, dried flowers are dyed or painted in a variety of colors creating bold designs not typical in fresh flower bouquets.

Drying is one of the earliest forms of preservation and is still used by florists to preserve the beauty and structure of their arrangements. To dry flowers, they must be harvested before they reach full maturity. Once harvested, they are hung upside down in a cool and dry location until they are fully dry (around two weeks).

Other methods of drying include air drying, pressing, desiccant drying, glycerin drying or freeze-drying.

How long do preserved and dried flowers last?

If you don't have a green thumb, you're in luck: There's a way to enjoy the beauty of flowers without worrying about keeping them alive. Dried flowers are an easy way to add some color and structure to your space without worrying about wilting and can last for months or even years.

Where in my home should I decorate with dried flower bouquets?

The great thing about dried flowers is that they can be displayed in almost any room or space in your home. The only limitation is your imagination! Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Living Room

    Create a natural centerpiece that complements the rest of your living space by placing dried flowers atop a coffee table or mantle.

  • Kitchen

    Brighten up a bare kitchen window with a miniature arrangement of dried flowers.

  • Bedroom

    Warm up your nightstand with a small dried bud arrangement. It's a great sight to start and end your day with.

  • Bookshelves

    Dried and preserved flower arrangements add great pops of color and texture to any bookshelf.

  • Entryway

    Hang up a dried wreath above your front door to make an impressive statement as guests enter your home.

  • Dining Table

    Assemble several small dried bouquets on your dining table to elevate any dinner party or brunch experience.

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How do you take care of dried flower arrangements?

Dried flower arrangements require very little care and maintenance. The first thing you want to do is make sure your dried flowers are arranged in the right spot. You want to avoid any direct sunlight. The best place for a dried flower arrangement is in a cool, dry room with indirect light.

Keep them away from fans and heaters and out of the way from children or pets as well as any activities where they may be bumped or knocked over.

Where to buy dried flower arrangements online?

Dried flowers are a fun way to spice up your home decor. They offer a unique and stylish touch in any situation or setting. So if you are ready to try out dried flowers, check out some of our suggestions below. Shop East Olivia is your one-stop shop for preserved and dried flower arrangements. If you’re looking for an amazing customer experience and top-of-the-line dried flower arrangements, East Olivia ships across the United States. We hope you find the perfect arrangement(s) to brighten your home or give to a friend.

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