Home Decor Trends in Dried & Preserved Flowers

Home Decor Trends in Dried & Preserved Flowers

Dried Flower Arrangements on Shelf - Home Decor - East OliviaA bouquet of flowers has long been the way we brighten our spaces or bring a smile to the face of a loved one.  We use flowers to convey important messages, beauty, and to express a range of emotions in-person or within our spaces.  And whether you receive fresh flowers or you order dried flowers online, there is one thing we all want from our flowers—for their beauty to last and last.  And that’s where dried and preserved flowers really shine–and why design-forward preserved arrangements like ours are dominating home decor trends today.
Now you might be thinking, “dried flower arrangements??  You mean those plastic or silk bouquets that collect dust and are usually tacky with a capital T?!”
“Nope,” says East Olivia’s founder Kelsea. “Forever Florals are real flowers, (the good stuff,)  and we source only the best ingredients.  Next comes the fun part which is taking inspiration from the ingredients to create products we’re proud to showcase–unique designs to freshen and elevate your spaces all year long.”
These arrangements are nothing short of permanent art pieces for your home or office. From classic color palettes to trendy neons, our bouquet designs and their chic, handmade vases are ready for you to discover at Shop East Olivia.  And the more you learn about these posh dried blooms, the more you’ll want to share them!

Nobody likes a fake—flower.

It’s time to leave your mother’s faux florals behind, because bouquets of preserved flowers are IN  and artificial beauty is definitely OUT.
The difference between the fake plants of the shag carpet era and the modern dried and preserved flowers used today is significant.  And at East Olivia, we use real flowers–and never plastic or silk.  Every stem in our flower arrangements goes through a unique preservation process that allows their blooms to be frozen in time. Grown in nature, just like fresh flowers, our dried flowers have all their moisture extracted and are left to fully dry, providing a natural sealant around the flowers and stems.
This process, (just like miracle night cream,) ensures our dried flowers stay forever young, lasting a year or more when properly treated and maintained. One of the many perks of dried flowers is exactly this endurance. Each bouquet is a decor investment that can be used throughout your space, like our namesake and original pink-lady bouquet— The Olivia.  Choose a preserved flower bouquet as a new centerpiece for a springtime brunch and it will still be breathing new life into your home decor come pumpkin season.
As individuals become more conscious of our collective purchasing power, many are choosing more sustainable products.  We love these dried floral arrangements for their gentleness on our planet. These real flowers are not only grown naturally, but their long life also means less waste. Purchasing fresh florals each week can be expensive and labor-intensive to care for.  Choosing to shop in dried flower shops like Shop East Olivia, you not only get flowers that stand the test of time–you spend your dollar supporting a women-led small business working toward climate sustainable goals.
An incredible alternative to fresh flowers, dried bouquets require little effort and even less maintenance. When handled with care, Forever Florals can last a year or more in a dry environment. Review East Olivia’s tips for handling dried florals with care, here.
Spring Dried Flower Arrangement - Home Decor - East Olivia

Flower decor galore.

Bringing nature indoors is a beautiful way to brighten up and refresh your space. Working with almost any aesthetic, our preserved flower arrangements are the “go-to” design choice for adding color, warmth and texture to any room.  A new twist on indoor/outdoor living, dried flowers and pampas grasses are always in style, and can even bring a bit of our Golden Girls vibe to modern decor.
Not sure how to decorate with dried flowers? We got you. East Olivia’s original designs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Looking to add a pop color to that old bookshelf? The Samantha Spring is just your gal with rich, pastel pampas grass stems and adorably pink bunny tails. Keeping it monochromatic in your new living room? Make a statement with the tonal wonder The Nashville, which serves flair and fan palms that will take your breath away.  Want a bit more customization? Check out our brand new Pampas Shop that allows you to choose just the right pampas grass arrangement to suit your style.  Let your creativity take the lead, selecting your favorite size, color and vase for a one-of-a-kind preserved flower arrangement that will add the finishing touch to your home.
Pampas Dried Flower Arrangements in Vases - Home Decor - East Olivia

A flower for every vase.

If you are new to ordering flowers online, it can be overwhelming to know what kind of flower is which, what colors to pick or even what styles will look best in any given space. While the range of dried flowers is wide, there are a few core flower types that can never steer you wrong.
Perhaps you are looking to add some lightweight texture to your living room or are in need of some decor with extra height—pampas grass is the way to go. The soft, fluffy plumes range in sizes and colors, as well as an array of vase options in our brand new Pampas Shop. They are easy to arrange and really know how to fill a space. Hot tip: Occasionally dust them by gently shaking them outdoors and watch as they fluff right back to life!
Another crowd-pleaser is singular fan palms. Oversized and ready to add floral drama to any arrangement, fan palms splay outward, creating a gorgeous backdrop for the rest of the preserved bouquet, just like in our classic, The Vivianne. If you are looking for something with a little more edge, check out sun spears.  These shapely flowers give dried arrangements a focal point to build the rest of the flowers around, grounding even the most flamboyant of arrangements.
Sometimes size is all that matters and if you’re looking for something sweet, small and versatile look no further than baby’s breath. Tiny petals make for mini blooms in this abundant, versatile  flower.  Serving as another tribute to 1980’s style, baby’s breath comes  in any shade you desire, like in the peachy hues of The Kate, adding an innocent touch to a new nursery or dressing area.
Pink Dried Flower Arrangements on Table - Home Decor - East Olivia

Two for me and one for you.

Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion.  Less finicky than fresh flowers but just as gorgeous, bouquets of dried flowers last a year or more, making them the gift that keeps on giving. From housewarming gifts, birthday celebrations, and anniversaries to plain ole Tuesdays, (we highly recommend surprise florals), preserved flower arrangements are the perfect gift.
Who says you have to stop at one? Surprise your love and shower them with flower arrangements in all hues, shapes, and sizes–specifically picked for them.  Feeling something a little more platonic? Twin with your BFF by ordering flowers online for both of you at ShopEastOlivia and scoop up matching fushia (cerise) pampas grass arrangements to adorn your fireplace mantels.  Now that is some serious flower power.  Whatever the occasion, flowers are simply never a bad idea.
One bonus benefit of these blooms that last forever is that they are perfectly allergy-friendly. Don’t let a little seasonal sneeze get between you and your flower arrangements. Dried flowers carry no smell or pollen, making this the ultimate gift for all hay fever sufferers.
Purple Dried and Preserved Flower Arrangement - East Olivia

Forever on trend.

Faux flowers had their heyday back in the 1980’s but like all good trends they are back and better than ever before. Dried and preserved flowers have proven to be a trend that lasts and makes an impact.
At EastOlivia we know decor doesn’t have to be a bore and we don’t want yours to be!  So we’re super excited to share with you our beautiful and design-forward Forever Floral arrangements at Shop East Olivia.  And may you always seek to create beauty in your world.
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