How to Fluff Up Dried Pampas Grass

How to Fluff Up Dried Pampas Grass

When you first bring home your dried pampas grass, you may notice that it doesn’t look as lively and whimsical as it did in the store or online. Or maybe, after you’ve had the dried pampas grass for some time, you may notice it start to droop and look a little less animated. 

Luckily for you, there are some ways to revive your dried pampas grass by fluffing it up right at home. However, you’ll have to be careful with how you do it so you don’t cause any accidental damage or breakage to it–just like when you’re learning how to care for dried flowers

Continue reading below as we discuss how to fluff pampas grass to keep your space looking fun and fresh–no matter how long you’ve had your dried and fluffy pampas grass!

Why Would You Want to Refluff Pampas?

You likely know by now how fabulous fluffy pampas grass looks in your space, so you can probably understand why you’d want to know how to fluff up dried pampas grass. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with sad-looking and drooping dried pampas grass that you don’t know what to do with!

Thus, learning how to fluff pampas grass is just one step you can take to make your home look like it was decorated by a professional. 

So when you know how to make fluffy pampas grass on your own, you won’t have to worry about buying spendy replacements each time the decor is looking a little dull–there may be an easy fix instead!

Can You Refluff Pampas Grass?

At this point, you may want to know if it’s even possible to learn how to fluff up dried pampas grass. After all, once you’ve had it up on a shelf for a while and it doesn’t look as fluffy as it once did, you may expect the worse and think that it’s time to look for a replacement. 

However, when you know where to buy dried pampas grass from a high-quality brand, you’ll be able to refluff your pampas grass over and over again to keep reviving them for the years to come. 

Similar to the importance of learning how to keep dried flowers from falling apart, knowing how to take care of your dried pampas grass–like refluffing it–is a simple thing you can do to keep it looking stunning year after year. 

How to Fluff Up Dried Pampas Grass to Breathe Fresh Life Into Your Arrangement

So the verdict is in–you can learn how to fluff pampas grass. But, how exactly do you go about this? 

If you know anything about dried pampas grass, you know that its wispy and delicate nature is what makes it look so amazing in your home or office. However, this also means it can be prone to accidental breakage or snagging when it is handled too aggressively. 

First, you’ll want to remove the dried pampas grass from the package you purchased it in, or the vase that it’s been displayed in your home or office. Take each individual stem and shake it out lightly so you can help the plumes open up naturally. This will do a lot of the work to fluff out your dried pampas grass, though there are some additional steps you can take. 

Next, you can delicately separate the fur of the pampas grass with your fingers to fluff it up even more before placing each stem into the vase how you’d like to display them. Leave the dried pampas grass alone for a day or two to let gravity work its magic and fluff it up even further to display its natural beauty. 

Be aware that the stems may shed a little throughout this fluffing process, but that’s to be expected. If you’re handling them gently, you shouldn’t have to worry when you see this happening, and they shouldn’t shed further once you have them in place in your home or office.  

Other Ways to Preserve & Enhance the Aesthetic of Your Pampas Grass Over Time

Now that you’ve learned how to fluff pampas grass, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a few other things you can do to make your fluffy pampas grass look stunning for the years to come. 

Keep Them Dry

One of the key ways to make your dried pampas grass last longer and look amazing throughout the years is to keep it dry and out of humidity. 

Since the pampas grass is dried and preserved, it doesn’t need to be placed in a vase with water or be watered throughout its lifetime at all, in fact. 

This also means it’s not the best idea to decorate a humid place in your home like a bathroom with your dried pampas grass, which could leave it wilted and sagging with no way of reviving them. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Another helpful tip for keeping the aesthetics of your dried pampas grass is to keep it out of direct sunlight and heat sources. This is because the sun’s harsh rays can bleach any of the color out of the grass, and can make it weak and brittle much more quickly than it should. 

With this in mind, keep your dried pampas grass out of the way of heat sources like heater vents in your home, which could make the stems brittle and more prone to breakage. 

Place Them in a Safe Location

As we’ve discussed, dried pampas grass is a gorgeous piece of home decor, but it can also get damaged pretty easily if they snag on your clothing or a wagging tail knocks its vase over. 

With this in mind, you’ll want to place your vase of dried pampas grass in an area where you know it’ll be safe and undisturbed–like on a shelf or out of reach from young children. 

By keeping your dried pampas grass out of harm’s way, you can help them last much longer before needing to be replaced. 

Wrapping Up Our Guide on How to Fluff Pampas Grass

After learning how to fluff up dried pampas grass, you can see why it’s so important to the look and longevity of your decor. Plus, when you know where to purchase dried pampas grass from, like at East Olivia, you can feel confident knowing that the decor will last you for years. 

You may be aware that you can find the best dried flowers at East Olivia, but we also have a wide selection of natural dried pampas grass for you to decorate your home or office with. No matter the size of your space, we have plenty of options for you to choose from that will fit perfectly–including both dried pampas grass and preserved flowers

If you’re looking for a decor piece to place on a shelf or on the corner of your desk, you need to check out our small dried pampas grass collection, available in a number of different colors and vase styles. If you have a specific color preference in mind, you’ll want to take a look at our dried white pampas grass and dried pink pampas grass collections 

So when you’re looking for fluffy pampas grass or dried flower bouquets that you can enjoy practically forever, visit East Olivia today to find your next Forever Flowers or dried pampas grass arrangements to expertly adorn your home or office. 

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