Three ways to refresh your Spring Home Decor with Dried Flowers

Three ways to refresh your Spring Home Decor with Dried Flowers

Whether you are looking for a fresh and easy update or you have no idea where to begin, changing up your home decor can seem challenging or even sometimes intimidating. When in reality, decorating your home can be a fun, creative endeavor that anyone can enjoy. Turning your house into a home begins when you add in elements of your own aesthetic. It can be as simple as identifying your favorite styles, your ideal colors or even textures that inspire you.  

At East Olivia, we know one of the easiest and chicest ways to brighten up your space is with dried and preserved flower arrangements. Bringing nature indoors helps to keep your space grounded, while still feeling organic and tranquil. You can make any space in your home feel special with some fashion-forward flowers or Forever Florals.

Refreshing your ‘shelfie’ with preserved flower arrangements

Revitalizing an already existing space is an excellent starting point for any home decor refresh. From bookcases to floating shelves to mantelpieces dressing up your ‘shelfie’ with dried flower arrangements can add a focal point, some much needed height and even a splash of optimistic color.

Take any shelf as an opportunity to showcase your personal style through home decor. Starting with an empty shelf, select the largest decorative item you want to use—a Forever Floral dried arrangement like this one makes for the perfect first component. 

home decor spring dried flowers

Once you have selected your largest focal point, you will want to surround your dried flower bouquet with other objects that fit into your color scheme or home decor aesthetic. Items of personal significance help to add character and tell your story. Try playing with items like pictures in decorative frames, small statues or even fun objects you've picked up in your travels. Colorful books are also a great addition to your shelf! Rearrange these items around the dried flower bouquet, until your shelf feels balanced and visually appealing.

Kelsea’s Pro Tip: An inexpensive way to refresh your shelfie home decor is by swapping out your picture frames occasionally. A new frame can change the whole vibe of your shelf! Don’t have pictures you love? Pressing fresh flowers you find in your own neighborhood works as a nice complement to your dried flower decor

Coffee Table Renewals with Forever Florals

Made for morning sips and takeout nights, your coffee table can be one of the most focal places in your living room. While keeping this place functional is important, keeping it stylish is key. Finding the balance between ‘too open’ and ‘just right’ can be easy with just a few home decor pieces.

Give your coffee table a truly finished look with a Forever Floral arrangement like The Betty. A bold home decor choice with lots of angles and textures can do most of the decorating for you, while keeping the space comfortable and welcoming. Place the floral arrangement off to one side of the table, flanked by a stack of books or your favorite paperweight to create a purposeful moment in your home decor


dried flowers home decor preserved flowers


the beauty of dried floral arrangements goes beyond petal deep, it is also eco-friendly. Our preserved flower arrangements are made with real flowers that last a year or more when properly cared for—making Forever Florals more sustainable than fresh flowers, all while being budget and planet friendly!

Kelsea’s Pro Tip: Less really can be more, when you limit surfaces to two to three accessories. This will give you a refined look that allows the eye to take in the space and all your beautiful home decor.


spring home decor dried flowers


Dressing up your dresser with fashion-forward flowers

One of the most intimate spaces in any home is the room in which you get dressed everyday. From vanities to dressers to walk-in closets, you want to feel your absolute best wherever you dress. Setting the vibe of your ‘getting ready’ environment is an important element in refreshing your home decor and there is no better vibe-setter than dried floral arrangements. 

A selection of art, the right lighting and Forever Florals can allow you to create the perfect ‘you’ space and possibly slow down that morning rush out the door. Whether you choose fresh flowers or dried flowers, your vanity space will have a natural and airy feel. Letting dried flower arrangements play a central role in your dresser decor, leaves plenty of space for a beautiful tray, candles or makeup accessories

Dresser home decor yellow dried flowers

Kelsea’s Pro Tip: Place your dried flower decor adjacent to your vanity mirror for an added reflected element. Not only will this block any clutter you can see from behind you but it can give your floral arrangement a larger than life impression.

When selecting your home decor accessories and giving your space a little springtime boost,  dried and fresh flowers simply can't be beat. They offer tons of color, different structural shapes and plenty of visual interest to any space. Adding natural elements like Forever Florals to your dressing room or dining room can give an organically curated feeling without being too stuffy. Keep each home decor choice true to who you are and you will certainly end up with the home of your dreams.

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