Collection: Dried Flowers for Mother's Day

If you want to leave your mom speechless this mother’s day, you’ve come to the right place. You can give her the gift of everlasting beauty with our dried flowers for mother’s day. Just wait till you see the look on her face upon receiving these gorgeous arrangements…priceless!

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Give Your Mom the Gift of Everlasting Beauty With Our Dried Flowers for Mother's Day!

Mother’s day is a chance for you to celebrate the woman who gave you life and all she’s done for you over the years. Whether she’s your mother by blood or circumstance, you want to go above and beyond to show her just how much she means to you this year. 

While typical flowers are the traditional choice, let’s face it - you want to give her something that lasts more than a few days before wilting and losing its beauty. And that’s where our mother’s day dried flowers come in.

These are an excellent choice for any of the women in your life who deserve the world this Mother’s day. With a vast assortment of stunning bouquets to choose from, the perfect pick is here on this page. Shop now and see firsthand what separates our preserved flower bouquets from the rest. Or, keep reading to find out…

What Makes East Olivia the #1 Choice for Dried Flowers for Mother’s Day?

The East Olivia brand was born out of pressure. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, our business in floral-based design was put on pause - as were many others during this uncertain time. Rather than wait around and hope for the best, we saw this as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Within a week, we designed, developed, marketed, and launched our first-ever collection of Forever Flowers - and the rest is history.

Today, we’re known as the premier choice for dried flower bouquets. And what better occasion to shop with us than to spoil your mother this year? Here in this collection, you’ll gain access to gorgeous, on-trend designs that will warm her heart and leave her in awe.

But, beyond the stunning designs themselves, what makes our bouquets so special? Longevity. With minimal care, these arrangements last years and years. No wilting, no crumbling, no fading. Picture-perfect beauty that will stand the test of time!

Whatever space our bouquets are used in is instantly refreshed with their presence. Whether she prefers pinks or reds, greens, or anything in between - the perfect mother’s day dried flowers are here on this page waiting for you to discover them. So what are you waiting for? 

Just Wait for the Look on Her Face When She Sees Her Mother’s Day Dried Flowers…Priceless!

If you want to narrow your hunt for the right dried flowers for mother’s day, you can explore some of our other collections. We have summer dried flower arrangements, spring dried flower arrangements, and fall dried flower arrangements. You can shop by our large dried flower arrangement collection or check out our small dried flower arrangements. We’ve got it all here in our catalog!

And on this Mother’s day when you give her this gift, the look on her face will leave no doubt in your mind - you made the right choice by going with East Olivia. Get your dried flowers for mother’s day 

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