How Long Does Dried Pampas Grass Last?

How Long Does Dried Pampas Grass Last?

Pampas grass is a fun and versatile type of decor that can elevate the look of any room. With a boho chic feel, pampas grass brings a natural touch to your space while still feeling elegant and put-together. 

But, when you’re spending good money on a bundle of pampas grass to decorate with, you want to make sure it’ll last you. Especially when you’re buying the real deal–not a synthetic duplicate–you may be concerned that it will break down or fall apart over time. 

So how long does dried pampas grass last, and are there ways to make it last longer? Continue reading below as we reveal these answers and where to buy dried pampas grass to help you decorate your home like a pro. 

Does Dried Pampas Grass Go Bad?

When you’re learning about how long pampas grass can last, one of your first concerns might be that it can rot and go bad. 

When the pampas grass has been preserved correctly, it should never go bad–it just may fall apart and break down over time. This means you don’t have to worry about any smells or infestations occurring in your home because of aging grass–but, there is a certain lifespan to this decor that you’ll want to keep in mind. 

How Long Does Dried Pampas Grass Last?

Let’s cut right to the chase–how long does dried pampas grass last? The answer to this will depend on a few factors, so let’s dive a little deeper into this question below. 

Average Lifespan of Dried Pampas Grass

In most cases, your dried pampas grass should last you a number of years, typically around three to five years. However, if you care for the dried pampas grass correctly and you buy the grass from a top seller, you can enjoy this chic decor for the years to come. 

How Long Does East Olivia Dried Pampas Grass Last?

You’ll be happy to learn that at East Olivia, we have dried pampas grass for sale with a lifespan that’s much longer than all of the other options out there. 

If you’re familiar with how long do dried flowers last from East Olivia, this answer won’t surprise you. When cared for properly, our dried decor pieces can essentially last forever! After all, we don’t call them Forever Flowers for no reason! So, you don’t have to worry about replacing the dried pampas grass every year or so, and you don’t have to be concerned about it constantly falling apart and shedding all over your home or office. 

Other Reasons to Shop at East Olivia for Dried Pampas

It’s true, our dried pampas grass has a very long lifespan. But, there are tons of other reasons why you should get your dried pampas grass from East Olivia. 

We have tons of different sizes and on-trend styles available for pampas grass lovers to enjoy. No matter what your home or office design aesthetic is, we have the perfect dried pampas grass bundle for you. 

We know how important decor is in bringing your sense of style to life, so the quality and trendiness of our pampas grass will help you wow visitors every time they step into your space. 

Check out our dried pink pampas grass that’s vibrant and whimsical, and available in a number of sizes and vase colors. Plus, if you know you need to decorate a small corner of your space, you can browse our collection of small dried pampas grass in a number of different colors and designs, or our dried white pampas grass when you’re looking for the classic pampas grass look. 

Tips for Making Your Dried Pampas Grass Last Longer

So now you know how long does dried pampas grass last on average, but you’ll be happy to learn that there are a few things to do to make them last longer. So, just like you’ll want to learn how to keep dried flowers from falling apart when you have the best dried flowers decorating your home, there are a few helpful tips you can employ to make your dried pampas grass last longer. 

Keep Away from Sunlight

Just like when you’re learning how to care for dried flowers, the first thing you need to know about caring for dried pampas grass is to keep it out of direct sunlight and heat sources. 

The sun’s harsh rays could break down the stems of your dried pampas grass, making them weak and brittle over time. Plus, if you have dyed pampas grass that you’re decorating your home or office with, the sunlight could easily bleach the grass and fade the vibrant look that it originally had. 

Low Humidity Exposure

Another thing that can really deteriorate the integrity of your dried pampas grass quickly is exposing it to moisture or humidity, just like with preserved flowers

With this in mind, you don’t want to place your dried pampas grass in a bathroom or other area of your home with high humidity. Otherwise, you’ll notice the grass drooping and sagging with no way to reverse the damage. Instead, keep your dried pampas grass in a dry spot to help extend its lifespan. 

Treat it Gently

Lastly, your dried pampas grass from East Olivia is long-lasting, but you need to handle it gently in order to prevent breakage and excessive shedding. Avoid placing it in front of a fan or an open window where it will get rustled easily. 

This means that once you’ve found a good place for it in your home or office, try not to jostle it or move it around too much, which could accidentally damage the decor. If you do want to dust it to clean, you can give it a gentle shake, but nothing more. 

Final Thoughts on How Long Dried Pampas Grass Lasts

So how long does dried pampas grass last? When you buy the best natural dried pampas grass, as you’ll find at East Olivia, it should last you for years to come. 

In other words, when you buy your dried pampas grass from the right brands, and you know how to properly care for it, you can enjoy this fabulous decor piece practically forever! 

At East Olivia, we have a wide range of different sizes and styles for you to choose from when you’re on the hunt for the perfect bundle of dried pampas grass to decorate your space. But, you may notice all the other amazing collections we have to help you adorn your home or office, like our vast selection of dried flower bouquets

Visit East Olivia today to find the long-lasting decor pieces you’ve always been searching for. 

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