How to Use Dried Flowers

How to Use Dried Flowers in the Home or Office

There are many benefits to using dried flowers around your home or office. But, if you’ve never incorporated them into your space before, you may be a little lost about how to get started. 

Continue reading through this guide as we teach you how to use dried flowers like a pro designer in your home or office, and where to buy dried flowers that are the best available today. 

Why Choose Dried Flowers Over the Alternatives?

Using dried flowers around your home or office can be a brilliant way to liven up the place, but what makes them so much better than some of their alternatives?

For one, dried flowers carry all the natural beauty that fresh flowers have, but without all the upkeep and maintenance necessary to keep them looking fantastic. Plus, given how long dried flowers last, they will essentially endure forever while fresh bouquets will last you a week or two if you’re lucky–hence the name Forever Flowers!

Additionally, the dried floral arrangements gaining popularity today are much different from the faux flower rage of the 80s and 90s. When using dried flowers, you’re getting a preserved version of actual fresh blooms–not a plastic or silk imitation of the real thing. 

How to Use Dried Flowers as Part of Your Home or Office Decor: 5 Uses to Inspire You 

It’s never been easier to elevate your space by using dried flowers around your home or office. Check out the following tips on using dried flower arrangements to maximize the style and beauty that they offer. 

Display Them on a Shelf or Hutch in a Vase

One of the simplest dried flower decor ideas is to place them in a nice vase and display them on a shelf or inside a hutch. 

This will give them a prominent space within your home or office, without being at risk of any accidental damage from a wagging tail or snagging on your clothing as you’re passing by. 

Plus, this gives you tons of creativity when choosing the vase to display them in. You can choose from one you already have on hand, shop for a sleek new vase in stores, or browse some of the vintage options available at your local thrift store. 

Create a Centerpiece for Your Dining Table

Another way to display dried flowers in your home is by making them into a centerpiece for your dining room table. This can be a great idea if you often host friends and family for dinner, as you can create a professional-looking tablescape that wows your guests and appears to be straight out of a magazine. 

You may need some additional tools and accessories on hand like floral wire or foam, and a vase or shallow container in order to get the centerpiece exactly how you want it. 

Feel free to play around with the height and width of the centerpiece, making sure it won’t block the view of the people sitting on opposite sides of the table. 

Transform the Flowers into a Wreath

You can also take the stems from a dried floral bundle and craft them into a wreath to display on a door or hang up on a wall. 

Making a wreath with your dried flowers is an especially great way to celebrate a particular season or holiday. This is because they can easily be switched out throughout the year with dried flowers in the corresponding color schemes–like pastels for spring, or red and green for the holidays. 

You will need some sort of foam or wire form to shape the wreath and attach the stems to, though this can be a fun and simple activity that you can do on your own or with friends! Plus, making the wreaths will give a handmade element to your home or office decor, which can add a unique and charming touch to your space. 

Turn the Bouquet into a Piece of Wall Art

If you’re feeling crafty, you can also turn your dried flowers into a piece of wall art to display in your home or office. 

You can really use your creativity here, as you can work with wire, hot glue, or any other adhesive to create a piece of 3D art from the stems in your dried flower bundle. You can fan out the greenery to display behind the blooms, or you place them in a shadow box or deep picture frame to hang on the wall–the sky really is the limit here!

Let Them Hang Down 

Lastly, a more unique way to use dried flowers to decorate your home or office is to hang them upside down. This gives off a more rustic feel, and can be done in a few different ways around the home or office–even hanging them directly from the ceiling!

Anywhere you have a hook or coat rack, you can easily hang the dried floral bouquet upside down with a ribbon, string, or twine. Or, if you have an overhead pot rack in your kitchen, you can add a dried floral bouquet hanging upside down for a unique decor element. 

Quick Tips on Using Dried Flowers to the Fullest

Clearly, there are countless options when learning how to use dried flowers in your home or office. To really master this look, check out the following tips and suggestions that will help your dried flower decor look amazing and last forever. 

Always Shop at East Olivia for the Most Gorgeous, Long-Lasting Selection

Using dried flowers in your home or office looks the best when you use high-quality arrangements like the ones available here at East Olivia. 

We have a wide selection of arrangements in various sizes available that are designed with chic and on-trend styles. So, our arrangements look fantastic and expertly elevate the look of any room. 

Plus, they can practically last you a lifetime, so you know that you’re definitely getting your money’s worth when you invest in an East Olivia arrangement. 

Consider Colors & Seasonality When Buying Your Bouquet

You’ll also need to consider the different colors and seasonality when using dried flowers to decorate your home or office. 

When you shop at East Olivia, we have tons of different color schemes for you to choose from so you can select the one that perfectly fits your aesthetic. Or, you can even rotate different arrangements throughout the year to match the current season!

Check out our fall dried flower arrangements when you want a look that’s a little more warm and cozy. Or, if you prefer pastels and softer hues, our gorgeous spring dried flower arrangements could be the perfect match for you. Lastly, you can decorate your home or office with our summer dried flower arrangements for a year-round sunny and tropical infusion into your space. 

Factor in Size to Match the Space

Depending on the size of the space you’re decorating, you should choose the right size of arrangement accordingly. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm a smaller room with an oversized arrangement, or have a smaller arrangement get lost in a larger space. 

At East Olivia, we have a few different sizes available for this exact reason. So, you can browse our options of large dried flower arrangements and small dried flower arrangements to find the best match for your home or office. 

Follow Proper Care Guidelines

One of the biggest differences between dried flowers vs fresh flowers is the maintenance and upkeep required. So while dried flowers are much easier to take care of, there are still a few things you’ll need to keep in mind so they stay in good condition. 

Some of the main things to remember when learning how to care for dried flowers are to handle them gently, keep them out of humidity, avoid direct sunlight, and keep them out of the way of vents or fans to prevent any unwanted damage. 

Keep Things Fresh With New & Exciting Styles Every So Often

Even though your dried flowers can essentially last forever, you can always switch up the styles in order to keep your look fresh in your home or office. 

So, stay inspired in your space by keeping things fun and trying out sleek new styles every few months or so. 

Final Thoughts on How to Use Dried Flowers

When using dried flowers in your home or office, you can dress up your space like a pro while taking advantage of all the dried flower benefits

When you’re using a preserved flowers bouquet from East Olivia, you know that you’re getting the best dried flowers on the market today. With fashion-forward designs, a quality preservation process, and tons of variety to choose from, there’s no better place to search for long-lasting home decor than East Olivia. 

Shop East Olivia today to take home your own Forever Florals. 

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